Dr. Pelton is uniquely qualified to identify and treat problems

associated with the  spine and has ultimately helped many

of his patients return to the ‘Joy of Living’.

Dr. Pelton is uniquely qualified to identify and treat problems

associated with the  spine and has ultimately helped many

of his patients return to the ‘Joy of Living’.


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It really doesn't matter what kind of athlete you are; bottom line: chiropractic care can help improve your athletic performance by leaps and bounds.

Dr Pelton treats a wide range of athletes with a various health concerns.  Stress from both mental and physical athletic activity can have considerable impact on the body.  However, keeping your spine in alignment, will better equip you to handle those rough spots.

Here are some of the benefits of regular Chiropractic Maintenance:

Improved Mobility

Subluxations cause your muscles to cramp, making them less flexible as a result. Frequent adjustments will allow your body to freely move in all ways intended, and will drastically improve your quality of movement.

Headache Relief

Studies show 85% of all headaches are the result of neck (or facet joint pain).  Headache pain, in most cases, can be immediately relieved through chiropractic adjustment.

Improvement to Shoulder Injury

Coupled with physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment will help the athlete to  improve quicker.  Here's why:  when injuries occur causing muscle damage or strain, it is best to not neglect the alignment of your spine because favoring a sore area of your body most always results in injuring other areas of the body while trying to compensate.

Relief From Tennis Elbow

Nearly 50% of all tennis players suffer from this condition. The good news is, tennis elbow can be improved through joint manipulation and chiropractic care.

Injury Prevention

Routine chiropractic care will keep you properly aligned.  Muscle tone is often asymmetrical from one side of the body to the other, so strain is more likely; casusing one side to be weaker than the other.

Reduction of Pain and Swelling

A common technique used by chiropractors is ‘The Kinesio Taping Method.’ Applied to athletes who have muscle pain or swelling, this method will provide relief for muscles that are constantly in use and is non-restrictive — allowing a full range of motion while providing support and stability.

Improved Nerve Communication

Misalignment hinders the ability for nerve communication from the brain and spinal column to other parts of the body.  If this happens, numbness, weakness or tingling in certain areas of the body will occur.  Routine adjustments will help to improve this problem.

Promote Faster Healing After Injury

Quite often when misalignment occurs on top of an injury, healing is delayed since the body tells itself to go in to protection mode.  This is why athletes commonly suffer "splinting" (where the muscles around the injury grow overly tight) while trying to protect the area.  Routine alignment will go a long way to help alleviate this.

Balance Improvement

Did you know that dizziness is a common result of subluxation in the spine?  Athletes who are frequently adjusted are better balanced and therefore, better able to perform in competition, and as you may already know, balance is essential for all forms of sports.