Treatment Tools

√   Diversified

√   Gonstead Method

√   Comprehensive Diagnosis

√   Full X-Ray Facilities

√   Diagnostic Testing

√   Physical Therapy

√   Exercise Therapy / Rehab

√   Myofacial Release

√   Activator

√   Flexion Distraction

√   Muscle Stem - Hot & Cold

√   S.O.T.

√   Ultrasound

√   Intersegmental Traction

Bluegrass Chiropractic offers a variety of advanced techniques.

Dr. Pelton chooses just the right technique for each individual’s need.

You may be reluctant to try chiropractic care because the idea of spinal adjustment is new to you; maybe you’re just not sure what to expect.

Dr. Pelton knows your concerns, so he uses a gentle touch approach —  and he takes time to discuss your suggested treatment option before

hand so you will know what to expect.

What To Expect on Your First Visit

Dr. Pelton devises a treatment plan that is determined by the patient's level of pain, their disability issues, and their activity intolerance.

It is his aim to apply treatment so as to prevent on-going chronic pain.  The use of "patient-drive active care" such as exercise, activity modification, ergonomic modifications, etc.) is emphasized to help accomplish this goal.

Chiropractic Care Plan of Action

Dr Pelton determines specific goals for each individuals plan of treatment:

A short-term goal typically includes reducing immediate pain and restoring normal joint function and muscle balance.

A more long-term approach entails restoring functional independence and tolerance to normal activities of daily living.

Types of Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation / Manual Manipulation.

This type of manipulation involves high-velocity, short lever arm thrust that is applied to abnormal vertebra.  The goal is to improve functionality, reduce nerve irritability and to restore range of motion in the back.  This is known as a "chiropractic adjustment".

Dr. Peltn recommends manipulation to be included in the treatment plan in the beginning stages of lower back pain care.


Mobilization is low velocity manipulation with movement and stretching of the muscles and joints.  The goal is to increase the range of motion within those areas.



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Chiropractic Adjustment

of the Lumbar Spine

(Low Back)

VIEW VIDEO Chiropractic Adjustment

of the Cervical Spine


VIEW VIDEO Chiropractic Adjustment

of the Sacroiliac Joint