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HARMONIE T. — Los Angeles, CA


A reoccurring and persistent pain had resurfaced. I was 2000+ miles away from my regular chiropractor. A quick search on Yelp led me to Bluegrass Chiropractic. Even though it only had one other review at the time, I trusted it was legit since it was written by an Elite Yelper.  Well Bluegrass Chiropractic, now you got two legit reviews from two Elite Yelpers   :)

This was my first experience visiting a doctor out of state so I was glad that they accepted my insurance. Shannon and Dr. Barry Pelton are very friendly and super helpful!

During my first appointment with Dr. Pelton, he was more thorough than I was expecting. He performed a few techniques that I was familiar with and a few techniques that were new to me. I appreciated that he took his time with consultation and treatment because I felt a major difference! Prior to coming here, I needed to see my chiropractor in CA every 2-3 days. After my first adjustment from Dr. Pelton, I felt really good for about 5+ days. So I went in for a second appointment the morning of my flight back home to avoid being in pain on the plane. Again, great results! hair extensions uk

I had no need to see my regular chiropractor in CA for another two weeks after flying back home since I was mostly pain-free. Both my doctor and I noticed significant improvements. I now see my regular chiropractor less often and I feel much stronger! It's been more than 10 days since my last adjustment and I don't foresee needing another one in the near future. I don't think this is a coincidence. I'm pretty convinced that Dr. Pelton helped me heal at a much faster rate than my regular chiroprator.

Now if only I can convince Dr. Pelton to move his practice to CA    :)


CASEY S. — Lexington, KY


These people are wounderful at what they do!  They truly care for their patients, this is something that is lost in the healthcare industry now a days.  They are very personal, always a smile on their face every visit.  I highly Reccomend ,and they get 5 STARS for their quality of service . Check them out.  I had 4 spinal fractures and they made the pain go away. That's amazing in my book. .. Thank you


ALANA M. — Lexington, KY


Ok, so this was my final stop on getting relief to my back pain. It had gotten really bad, I won't go into a ton of details, but I started off going to a Physical Therapist referred by my doctor, when that didn't work I knew I had to get to a chiropractor. How I found them was just looked up my in-network chiropractors who accept Baptist Health Insurance, and viola... he was the closest to my house and right in on my way to work. Now that you know what brought me here, let me tell you about my experience. Dr. Pelton is amazing. He was able to pinpoint exactly where my pain is, and has developed a plan to make it better. I have been there 2 weeks and I am already feeling results. I do know there is alot more work to be done, but I am absolutely seeing a difference. Dr. Pelton and staff are completely friendly and I always enjoy my time there. I feel so welcomed and the facility is extremely nice and well maintained! The first 2 weeks, he likes to see you 3 times a week, but after I believe we start to wind down. Boy do I miss him already! I will update you after I have been for sometime, and let you know how its going :D human hair wigs

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